Gasket failure on rear PTO/top link housing caused the below problems. If caught early it can save £1000’s of pounds worth of damage just replacing the gasket.

Tips for spotting the problem early are:

  • Check oil level regularly (if oil level rises this can be a sign of water starting to fill transmission)
  • Check colour of oil (discoloured/milky oil is a sign of water ingress)
  • Drain a small amount of oil out of transmission when tractor has been stood over night or longer Water will separate from oil over a period of time and find the lowest point which is the drain plugs ; in extreme cases you will get clean water drain for a time before oil starts to show
  • Replace gasket (it is held in place by 6 bolts and is easy and cheap to check/replace)

Below is a example of what happens when it hasn’t been caught early and the steps we took to rectify.



Failed gasket allowing water ingress through the top of casting over the winter period.



Milky emulsified oil drained from transmission casing.



Transmission was completely removed to investigate extent of the damage.



The water had de-bonded all friction material it had come into contact with, including all gear packs, brake linings, diff lock and PTO.

Valve blocks and pumps were also contaminated.



Transmission and rear axel had full overhaul.



Run tractor on hot test using Vaderstad Carrier with customers permission.



Clean and valet ready for collection.