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Transmission Repair & Reconditioning

Swinnerton Machinery specialises in a vast range of transmission and gearbox repairs – from the smallest angle gearboxes through to full power-shift and CVX transmissions fitted to prime moving machines.

Our highly-trained technicians – combined with the help of the latest specialist computer diagnostic equipment – are able to give impartial advice to rectify a faulty gearbox, re-condition an existing gearbox or replace with a new or fully re-conditioned gearbox.

  • Partial Repairs – If your unit has only had a isolated failure we can have you up and running quickly and for a fraction of the cost..
  • Re-conditioning – We can give your unit a full overhaul to ensure you get full reliability and work life out of your machine.
  • Removals and Re-fitting – This can be done on site or back at Swinnerton’s workshop facility.

We’re also now stocking the most common boxes – re-conditioned and ready to go! You’ll get the benefit of an overhauled unit without the lengthily repair time issues.

Common transmissons we’re able to help rebuild, repair or recondition:

  • John Deere  Power-Quad, Auto-Power and Direct drive.
  • CNH  Range-Command, Power-Command/ Full Power-shift and Auto-Command/CVX
  • Funk Transmissions.
  • Sieger/Quadtrac Transmissions
  • Automotive transmissions, automatic, manual,CVT for Land Rover, Mercedes, Nissan, Ford, BMW, VW plus many more